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My artwork has been informed and shaped by using the personal experiences, especially of the body, of myself and my peers as sources for my artwork. The five pieces shown in this gallery were all part of my 2013 Ontario College of Art Masters of Fine Art thesis show. Nexus (2013), In the Face of Experience (2012), Frag-Man (2013), Centering (2013) and Conversations (2012) are all part of the larger series, Age is Written on the Body.  This series investigates the different ways in which middle-aged people experience and reconcile this time of their lives. By interviewing middle-aged men and women in Toronto about their experiences of mid-life and by subsequently transforming their narrative responses into visual statements rendered in digital painting, sculptural body fragments and interpretative text, I highlight a part of peoples’ lives often overshadowed by society’s privileging of youth. These artworks show that people construct their identity as middle age in multiple, fragmented, and intangible narratives that they continue to transform throughout this mid-life phase.

Age is Written on the Body