To make sense of both my inner and outer worlds, I make pictures. I give visual form to some inner turmoil or unresolved idea. Because I am trying to express a chaos of feeling, experience and ideas, I build layer upon layer of images. I attempt to make a picture of how my reality happens on so many levels at the same time. Digital art's magic has given me the potential to express the millions of layers contained in a moment of life.

I mix digital painting, photography and traditional media together in the computer. Sometimes I start with a pastel, a monoprint or a sketch, sometimes with a digital photograph. I use Photoshop to explore the visual possibilities. While I am a teacher of Photoshop, I am also a life long student of Photoshop and visual language. There is always more to learn. I become interested in some aspect of the program, say channels or ways of producing high contrast, and then I'm off and running discovering how my images can change with this new way of seeing.

It is all about seeing: Seeing my inner world, seeing the strange and terrible beauty of our time, seeing how a line or a juxtaposition of colour and tone can communicate and seeing how the boundary between photography and painting melts away inside a computer. I suppose I am an artist because I want you to see what I am seeing.


I was born in Ireland, grew up in the United States and have lived in Canada since 1969 except for 2 years in the American southwest. I attended Sheridan College School of Design and Crafts in Ontario and trained in Ceramics. I began doing clay and plastic figurative sculpture in the early 70s. I worked as a potter first in a factory in New Mexico and then at my own pottery in Ontario. Along the way I wandered into feminism where I became involved in the alternative theatre scene and creative writing. I have worked as a cook, a counselor for abused women, an Outward Bound instructor, a teacher and a web designer. In the mid 90s I met Photoshop 3 and fell in love with the visual possibilities of digital art. Fo many years I taught Digital Art at Humber College. Now I make mixed media digital images in Toronto.

Selected Exhibitions

• 2017 Another Roadside Attraction NUUC (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2016 Curio Shadowbox Show Articulations (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2016 The Human Condition Revealed NUUC (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2015 Toronto's Anonymous Art Show Art for Cancer Foundation (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2015 Tending the Wallflower NUUC (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2015 Rubric Guelph-Humber Art Gallery (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2014 Round Robin Guelph-Humber Art Gallery (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
• 2013 Age is Written on the Body Communication Art Gallery (Solo) Toronto, Ontario
• 2013 Colloquium Guelph-Humber Art Gallery (Grp) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2012
  • Lucky 13 Gladstone Hotel (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2011
  • Hive OCAD U Graduate Gallery (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2010
  • Nuit Blanche Show RedEye Gallery (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2010
  • Tree of Life Show RedEye Gallery (Solo) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2010
  • Springtime Inspirations RedEye Gallery (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2009
  • interFace - Mixed Media Digital RedEye Gallery (Solo) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2009
  • 2 Cool Art Shows - Part II RedEye Gallery (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2008
  • Blink - Contact 2008 Centennial@Wallace (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2006
  • Do Hands Make Us Human? Hang Man Gallery (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2006
  • Scarcity Project & Mutations North York Library (Solo) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2005
  • Humber College Show Guelph-Humber Art Gallery Toronto, Ontario
  • 2004
  • Toronto Arts Fest-Cabbagetown Studio 245 (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2003
  • July/August Artist of the Month Digital Eve online
  • 2003
  • Artists Against the War Nathan Phillips Square (Group) Toronto, Ontario
  • 2003
  • Diana Meredith: Digital Prints Sage Cafe (Solo show) Toronto, Ontario